Sounder Sleep System

The SOUNDER SLEEP SYSTEM™ was developed by Michael Krugman, MA, GCFP to help anyone improve their sleep using natural self-healing methods.

The method can help people who:

  • have difficulty in getting to sleep at night
  • who wake up and can’t get back to sleep
  • have  fitful sleep, waking many times
  • don’t feel refreshed after sleeping
  • constantly feel tired through lack of sleep
  • feel that anxiety is preventing sleep
  • feel their sleep is of poor quality

Michael developed a series of breathing and movement techniques which are profoundly relaxing and sleep inducing.  These slow gentle actions work through influencing the brain and the nervous system.  Michael saw the importance of a systemic 24-hour approach to sleep – he recognised that the state of our nervous system during the day influences our nervous system at night.  An excited, stimulated or hyperaroused system will be much harder to switch off into a calm, peaceful sleep-ready system at just the moment required.  The approach therefore is to reduce stimulation and arousal during the day to bring day and night time states closer together.

The techniques are easy to learn but require some practice.  My workshops will combine teaching and practice – that means it is very acceptable to fall asleep during a session!  You will gain the greatest benefit by practicing between sessions – just a few minutes during the day and at night.  The most likely format will be 3  2/3 hour sessions at least a  week.  The workshops will be offered over Zoom and are highly suitable for this medium which allows participants to be in familiar and comfortable home environments.  Participants will receive materials – written and recorded of the techniques to support continued practice.  For workshop dates, see the Schedule page.

The SOUNDER SLEEP SYSTEM™ is largely based on the work of Moshe Feldenkrais as Michael was an experienced Practitioner of The Feldenkrais Method but he also drew on a wide range of traditions including meditation, yoga, Qi Gong and Chinese medicine to create a simple but effective approach based on ancient and contemporary knowledge of human sleep.